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The Story of Colonel Mustard

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We love receiving customer photos and stories, and we were just blown away when we heard from Emilee. What started out as an ordinary office Water Garden turned into a rescue story and a true testament to getting hands on with our products!

"A co-worker received a Back to the Roots Water Garden and what started as a joke about rescuing a betta fish instead of purchasing one from a big box retailer became a reality. She found a woman in San Antonio, TX, who ran a rescue betta society (yes, they do exist) and adopted Handsome Bob. We had him in our office for a little over a year, and when Handsome Bob passed away, our lives, and fish tank were empty. I loved Handsome Bob so much that I decided that next time around I would to do my part and adopt my own rescue betta. I got a Back to the Roots Water Garden of my own, and went on the search.

We went online again in search of someone who provided adoption services for betta fish in need of love, and found a fish store in Canada that fostered bettas while trying to find them a good home. Most of the rescue bettas she had suffered from fin rot, or some other physical ailment that caused them to have little coloring and deteriorated fins, usually caused by poor diet and bad water conditions.

We looked through all of the rescued bettas, found Tuna and Mr. Mustard, and were in love despite their severe fin rot. They arrived via next day air, and it’s been magic ever since!! Mr. Mustard was quickly promoted to Colonel Mustard, and has been thriving in his new home. I’ve only had the Colonel for about 3 months, and now I think I’ll always have a betta around. He’s my little joy. It is absolutely amazing to me (and everyone else in the office) to see his transformation since I got him. The Back to the Roots Water Garden is perfect for him and so easy to maintain. I also got him a friend (a snail named Dijon) and he’s been very intrigued by his new little house mate." - Emilee

The photo posted of Colonel Mustard before he arrived:
A photo taken just a month ago:


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