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Mushroom Kit (2 pack) - Back to the Roots
how to grow your own mushrooms back to the roots mushroom farm two pack growing
how to grow your own mushrooms back to the roots mushroom farm two pack packaged

Mushroom Kit (2 pack)

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Grow One, Gift One — Save 10% with this Mushroom Grow Kit bundle!

Our award-winning Mushroom Kit now comes in a discounted 2-pack!

The Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit is the easiest way to grow your own organic & gourmet mushrooms at home! This mushroom growing kit comes with everything you need to grow right out of the box – just add water, and you'll be harvesting delicious mushrooms to cook into tacos, pizzas, or soups!

What it includes:

  • Organic plant-based soil infused with mushroom spawn
  • Spray mister
  • BONUS pack of organic heirloom tomato seeds
  • FREE downloadable curriculum for kids to learn about the science behind mushrooms
  • 100% Guaranteed to Grow promise: All Back to the Roots Indoor Gardening Kits are backed by this promise – meaning if your kit doesn't grow as described, we'll replace it free of charge

What does it grow?

  • Mushrooms

Key Features:

Easy & Fun
Our Organic Mushroom Kit comes with everything you need to get started – just add water and watch it grow!

Grows up 2 times
Each crop can produce up to 0.5 lbs of pearl oyster mushrooms, or 3-4 servings, and each box can grow up two crops for twice the fun!

Perfect for gifting
Unopened, the box can last for months making it the perfect green gift for foodie, garden-loving and eco-conscious friends & family.

Do you have more questions on how it works? Learn more at our FAQs page!

Claims: Organic | Non-GMO | Kosher | Made in the U.S.A

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