Organic Pepper 2-Pack Self-Watering Planters
Organic Pepper 2-Pack Self-Watering Planters - Back to the Roots

Organic Pepper 2-Pack Self-Watering Planters

$ 59.99

Spice up your indoor garden with this pepper planter duo!


The Organic Self-Watering Planter Pepper 2-pack is a special bundle created for spice lovers and is the perfect holiday gift! Both planters come with our slow-release olla watering system. This regulates the soil moisture for you, so you don't have to worry about over or underwatering!

Makes a perfect holiday gift for your foodie friends to grow fresh, organic chili and shishito peppers year-round!

Key Features

-Grow & Harvest in your home year-round
-Everything included
-100% Organic & Non-GMO
-Proudly made in Salt Lake City, Utah
-#GrowOneGiveOne - share a pic, and we'll donate a kit to a classroom of your choice!
-The biochar technology paired with our organic plant-based soil lets you grow right out of the can on your windowsill or kitchen – mess-free.


-2 Large glass mason jars (64 oz.)
-Organic plant-based soil
-Biochar (prevents over & under watering)
-2 Miniature clay olla pots
-4 organic fertilizer spikes (2 for each)
-Organic chili & shishito pepper seeds