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Biodynamic® Cinnamon Clusters, 2-pack
Biodynamic® Cinnamon Clusters, 2-pack
Biodynamic® Cinnamon Clusters, 2-pack
$ 9.99

Biodynamic® Cinnamon Clusters, 2-pack

  • The nation's 1st Certified Biodynamic® breakfast cereal—using regenerative agriculture to bring vitality back to the farm and incredible flavor & nutrition to your bowl! 

    • 100% organic stoneground whole wheat from North Dakota
    • Biodynamic cane sugar from Guarambaré, Paraguay
    • Biodynamic cinnamon from Kandy, Sri Lanka
    • Sea salt from the San Francisco Bay

  • Certified Biodynamic

    Our certified biodynamic wheat comes to us from Fred Kirshenmann's farm in Windsor, North Dakota.

    Going above & beyond organic farming requirements, Fred minimizes the need for any outside fertilizers and creates a balanced farm ecosystem through rotational crops, biodiversity of animals and plants on the farm, and on-site composting.

    Everything from the farm that goes into growing this biodynamic wheat comes out in its flavor too, making the taste unique to the land it was grown on!


  • No bag inside

    Organic Stoneground Flakes is the first no "bag-in-box" cereal that is easier to open, pour, and seal with:

    • 18% less paper & 25% less plastic
    • Non-toxic vegetable inks
    • 90% fill rate
    • Recyclable materials 
  • Nutrition Facts

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