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Purple Corn Flakes, Cereal 2-pack - Back to the Roots
Purple Corn Flakes, Cereal 2-pack - Back to the Roots

Purple Corn Flakes, Cereal 2-pack

$ 9.99

A cereal full of natural color and antioxidants

  • Our new Organic Purple Corn Flakes cereal rediscovers the colors of corn and introduces a corn flake like you've never seen before with just 3 simple ingredients:

    • 100% organic, non-gmo purple corn from Minnesota
    • Organic cane sugar from Florida
    • Sea salt from the San Francisco Bay

  • The Colors of Corn

    Of the thousands of colorful corn varieties in the world with different flavors and health benefits, we were surprised to learn that just a handful make up almost all the corn we eat!

    As we explored different varieties, we discovered Farmer Scott's 55-acre field of delicious purple corn in Dakota County, Minnesota. A descendant of ancient Inca corn, it also has more protein, fiber and antioxidants than modern yellow corn.

    The purple corn kernels are then stoneground on an old stonemill in San Francisco. That stoneground flour is then mixed with a pinch of sea salt and organic cane sugar. We cook the 3 ingredients for a couple minutes, flake the cereal into its fun shape, and then toast for 7 minutes. That's it!

  • No bag inside

    Organic Stoneground Flakes cereals are the first no "bag-in-box" cereals that are easier to open, pour, and seal with:

    • 25% less plastic & 18% less paper
    • Non-toxic vegetable inks
    • 90% fill rate
    • Recyclable materials 
  • Nutrition Facts