Water Garden Refill Kits
Water Garden Standard Refill Kits - Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - Back to the Roots
Water Garden Refill Kits
Water Garden Refill Kits
Water Garden Refill Kits
Water Garden Refill Kits
Water Garden Refill Kits
Water Garden Refill Kits

Water Garden Refill Kits - Spicy Salad Seed Bundle

$ 19.99

A 2- month supply of sunflower microgreens, pea shoots, and radish microgreens.

Our Water Garden Refill Kits are the easiest way to keep your Water Garden growing. These kits include a 2-month supply of growstones, zymbac and a delicious variety of seeds. Simply spread your growstones and rinse with water, sprinkle your seeds on top and watch the magic of aquaponics take over!

Subscribe to receive a new kit every 2-months so you can have a continuous delicious supply of fresh microgreens!

Everything included:

  • Clay grow medium (a 2-month supply)
  • 2 packets of organic Sunflower microgreen seeds (10g each)
  • 2 packets of organic Pea Shoot seeds (16g each)
  • 1 packet of organic Radish microgreen seeds (24g)
  • 1 packet of organic Wheatgrass seeds (24g)
  • Zymbac - nitrifying bacteria to help plants grow (1 bottle)

What does it grow?

    A 2-month supply of:

    • Organic Pea Shoots

    • Organic Sunflower Microgreens

    • Organic Radish Microgreens

    • Organic Wheatgrass

Key Features:

Keep the aquaponics fun going and growing
Subscribe to our refill kits for the easiest way to keep your water garden growing. Simply toss your old grow medium, rinse your grow pods, and spread a fresh layer of grow medium and seeds. You'll be growing again in no time!

Everything included
Complete with new grow medium for all 3 Grow Pods, micgrogreen seeds, and zymbac supply for optimal pant growth.

Fewer water changes
Strong and vibrant roots absorb more nutrients, which means your tank stays cleaner, longer. Less cleaning? Sign us up!

Nutritious and delicious
These microgreens are crunchy, fresh, and excellent in salads, stir fries or pastas. Did we mention they’re packed with complete proteins and Vitamins A through E?