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This season when you’re trying to find the perfect gift, consider buying the best green gift from Back to the Roots.

Think Outside the Box with the Best Green Gift

When you buy the best green gift from Back to the Roots, there’s something to enjoy for everyone in the family. With everything from organic cereals to ready to grow items, the best green gift is an easy find.

You may be considering buying jewelry for someone special in your life. It could be a piece to add to their collection or it could be the ring. This year, you want to give the best green gift that’s thoughtful and unique.

Cubic zirconia is not the same as manmade diamonds. Cubic zirconia or CZ is made in a lab and has been available since 1976. Cubic zirconia has greater brilliance and sparkle than diamonds, it is colorless and has no inclusions. However, this provides it’s own issues—cubic zirconia appears too perfect and fake. Because of this issue, the best green gift of cubic zirconia is often manufactured with color and cut imperfections in order to appear real.

Another of the best green gift is moissanite, a synthetic that came onto the market in 1998 and emulates the appearance of a diamond even closer than cubic zirconia.

Then, we have the best green gift of a man-made diamond. Man-made diamonds are pure carbon. They tend to be 30 to 40 percent cheaper than real diamonds and can be produced in months rather than millions of years. For example, manufactured diamonds can cost $500-$2,500 per .5 carat while mined diamonds range from $2,000-$8,000 per 1 carat.

Usually, man-made diamonds are usually not bigger than 3 carats, although colored diamonds can be slightly bigger.

Most professionals can’t discern man-made diamonds from mined diamonds. In fact, this is so prevalent that there’s a rush to produce machines to distinguish these manufactured diamonds. A grown diamond will usually have some kind of laser inscription on it denoting that it’s lab grown. Real diamonds are not imperfect, so a gem that appears to be perfect is undoubtedly manufactured. Lab grown diamonds begin with a seed diamond that’s either previously grown or a natural diamond. This thin membrane of a seed is then placed within a vacuum chamber with microwave rays, methane and hydrogen gasses. This is used to build carbon bonds that grow the diamond. Another way to discern manufactured diamonds from mined diamonds is that they have differing surface florescence.

Manufactured diamonds are conflict free. Mined diamonds take a tremendous toll on the environment. Land is destroyed, erosion is caused and the human toll is extreme as well. You avoid buying a blood diamond or conflict diamond. The money used from diamond sales is used to fund warlords and rebels, is used to buy artillery and fund wars.

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