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Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift

Find A Back to the Roots Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift

The holidays can be a time of excess and waste. It can be overwhelming to see how many resources are expended during this time. This season, consider how you can do your part to spread happiness, whether through conservation efforts or through an eco-friendly holiday gift. Shop at Back to the Roots to find the perfect gift.

An Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Will Be a Thoughtful Gesture

Everyone has a loved one who is a DIYer—maybe they’re crafty, maybe they simply like doing things themselves. For this creator in your life, a DIY eco-friendly holiday gift is ideal. They could brew a number of different beers, hard cider, rum, gin, barrel-aged whiskey or absinthe. You could even gift an infusion kit for artisanal cocktail additives. If they’re a foodie, they could create their own cheese, hot sauce or yogurt. 

Many eco-friendly holiday gift items are created using recycled goods. For example, reclaimed wood is a gorgeous addition to any household—lacquered reclaimed wood tables and furniture elevate your home. This kind of wood can be used for everything from utensils, to coasters, to decorations. There are other reclaimed material products, such as reclaimed glass items, stainless steel pots and pans, or products made of various natural stones. 

Vintage products can fill your eco-friendly holiday gift needs. Everything from vintage interior goods to art can be as good as new, all while cutting out the need to produce new items.

A pet can enjoy an eco-friendly holiday gift. Consider everything from organic pet shampoo to doggy-excrement bags made of recycled materials. Pet toys can be made from reused materials, just like their human companion’s goods!

For the loved ones who appreciate nature, consider a gardening eco-friendly holiday gift. You could gift a kit that allows a friend to grow their own herbs or plants, all conveniently included in one gift. If your loved one lives in a small space but still wants to plant, get them planters that can attach to a wall or fence. A row of the same/complementary planters filled with plants, such as the low-maintenance succulents and cacti add a touch of style to any space. There are also innumerable plants you could gift that clean the air, so with a few of them situated in your home, you can enjoy naturally filtered air. If your loved one enjoys growing their own food, you could gift a compost kit. A compost kit will provide non-toxic, natural and healthy food for your plants. More, composting reduced landfill waste and decreases emissions. Through the use of compost, you reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and you can appreciate nature’s cycle of life.

And of course, no matter the eco-friendly holiday gift, don’t forget to use recycled wrapping paper and cards made from recycled materials.

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