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Fish Tank For Kids

A Fish Tank for Kids Is An Eco-Conscious Gift

Being environmentally conscious comes easier to some than others. If you’re already leading a conscious life, you can always improve. Living in a major industrialized nation can make it such that being environmentally conscious isn’t always intuitive. You can employ easy routines for yourself, including buying products that are environmentally sound. Back to The Roots has organic, fair trade and environmentally conscious products that the whole family can enjoy, such as a fish tank for kids.

A Fish Tank for Kids Provides Valuable Insight Into The Earth’s Ecosystem

A fish tank for kids is an ideal gift for any member of the family, including your future environmental advocate! A fish tank for kids is incredibly low maintenance—a closed-loop system is created such that the waste that’s created by your very own betta fish feeds herbs and plants that clean the fish tank for kids. A fish tank for kids teaches your family about the symbiosis of the planet that they can behold in their own home. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain or comprehend the interconnectedness of the planet and all the species on it, but with a fish tank for kids, the proof is simply displayed. Besides for an insight into the inner workings of our planet, a fish tank for kids will also provide food! Learning how to grow one’s own food through a simple fish tank for kids is a growing necessity. With the prevalence of pesticides, GMOs and harmful food additives, the earlier one learns how to provide food for themselves, the better. More, a fish tank for kids provides the opportunity for your child to feel empowered. Something as simple as a fish tank for kids can make your child feel as though they’ve gained responsibility.

There a lot of ways to be eco-conscious. Consider use of your appliances, such as your washer and dryer that consume a lot of resources, including energy, and create a lot of waste. Instead of using your dryer, consider using a dry rack or pinning up your clothes. This way, not only do you save money on your electric bill, but you also preserve the quality of your clothes. Another great product to use is a soap nut in place of detergent. Detergent can be toxic not just for the environment, but it’s in your clothes that are sitting directly on your skin! Soap nuts come straight from the soapberry tree and are twice as effective as detergent.

If you have your own garden, consider composting. With composting, you put all of your food waste, including coffee grounds, tea bags and fruit rinds, into a bin that contains dirt and earthworms. The earthworms eat the waste and turn it into clean, nutrient rich plant food. With a proper bin, there’s no scent emanating from the receptacle and you don’t need to use toxic fertilizer on your plants. Remember that 20% of garbage is food—reduce waste and feed your family smarty.

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