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Herb Garden Kit

Eat Fresh, Healthy Food With Your Own Herb Garden Kit

Want to own your own herb garden kit? Back to the Roots has numerous Ready to Grow and Ready to Eat products for you, your family, and your home.

All of our growing kits offer fun and innovative ways to grow fresh, clean, organic, and non-GMO herbs from any kitchen or classroom window.

Just open the can, sprinkle the organic seeds into your herb garden kits, and watch them grow!

The Garden-in-a-Jar and Garden-in-a-Can herb garden kits include a unique soil blend including biochar. . Biochar is the charred remnants of organic agricultural waste created through pyrolysis, a technique mastered by Amazonian tribes centuries ago. Biochar is very porous – it aerates the soil for quick root growth, increases nutrient absorption and microbial activity in the soil, and is highly moisture-retentive, making each herb garden kit extremely low-maintenance.

An Herb Garden Kit Is an Easy and Fun Way to Bring Your Family Together

Herb garden kits are fun and easy — no need for transplanting, fertilizers, or messy drainage holes — just plant, water, and grow!

The Garden-in-a-Can herb garden kit includes four organic varieties: basil, cilantro, sage, and dill. With this herb garden kit, you have everything you need to garnish your meal with fresh, organic herbs in just a few weeks — perfect for salads, sauces, beverages, or adding a splash of colorful flavor to your favorite dish!

The Water Garden is a fun addition to any household to foster not only an herb garden kit, but your new pet Betta fish! This self-contained, self-cleaning fish tank grows its own food right on top. It’s a closed loop ecosystem — your Betta fish creates waste that feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water. These herb garden kits includes a fish tank with gravel, organic seeds and grow stones, natural fertilizer, a coupon for a Betta fish, fish food, and a silent, submersible water pump.

The Water Garden, a tabletop aquaponic system, uses 90% less water than traditional farming and helps plants grow twice as fast. The ammonia-rich waste created by a Betta becomes toxic to the fish in a regular tank. In the Water Garden herb kit, it provides a great food for the plants — they absorb the ammonia and convert it to nitrates, meanwhile filtering the water for the fish.

Enjoy fresh, healthy herbs and sprouts with your own herb garden kit and learn more about aquaponics at