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Product Development Coordinator

This is an exciting opportunity to be at the helm of growing one of the industry’s most exciting brands. Back to the Roots is launching new products in 2016 and 2017 and key to the success of these new products will be our Product Development Coordinator's ability to rapidly develop, innovate and improve on new and 
existing product lines
You’ll be getting your hands on both Ready-to-Grow and Ready-to-Eat product lines - brainstorming, testing, and commercializing - bringing ideas from concept to production.

About Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots is an Oakland, California based company founded in 2009 by two UC Berkeley seniors, Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, who gave up corporate jobs to become urban mushroom farmers. Since that time, Back to the Roots has evolved from a single product to a thriving business dedicated to the disruptive proposition of "undoing food" through the creation of innovative products that inspire curiosity and reconnect families to their food.

Our first product was the Mushroom Kit that allowed anyone to grow fresh, organic mushrooms right out of a little brown box in just ten days. Today, we offer a variety "ready-to-grow" and "ready-to-eat" products which are sold in thousands of locations including Whole Foods, Costco, Nordstrom, The Home Depot, Target, World Market, Petco, Loblaw, Wegman's, Fresh Market, Safeway, Kroger, Urban Outfitters, Sam's Club, Crate & Barrel and many other fine retail locations nationwide. Back to the Roots was a Martha Stewart American Made Awards winner and named as one of Forbes 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands.

Back to the Roots is now working towards re-defining the "future of food" - one that is all about the "undoing of food" back to its simplest ingredients and least processed versions. How do we create and promote food that is made in a kitchen not a lab, and reconnect families back to their food? Our R&D team isn't biochemists and food scientists, it's our grandparents! We think there's a powerful movement that's just starting up around simplicity and un-doing. It is our vision that what "organic brands" were for baby-boomers, radically transparent and simple brands will be for millennials and our kids. Food is the most personal thing there is - it's what we put into our bodies 3x a day - and yet we're so disconnected from it and have so much trust around "new invented foods". We know what works, simple, real food and ingredients - we want to inspire a whole new generation to get excited about that! :)


You will work with our Product Development team, brainstorming, prototyping, and testing new product ideas - from current product optimizations and extensions to exciting new big ideas (you will be asked about this). This role will require a keen eye for details, as well as the ability to step-away and see the bigger picture. Organization is key.

The Job

As the Back to the Roots Product Development Coordinator, you will be responsible for developing new products as well as managing the current product landscape. You will be responsible for the following:
  • Designing and executing experiments with the goal of improving existing products and testing new products. 
  • Researching components and materials for new products that align with the brand and company vision.
  • Tracking product quality performance over time and clearly communicating these to the necessary teams within Back to the Roots.
  • Analyzing business, market, and technological trends and making appropriate recommendations for potential innovations.
  • Assisting Product Dev Lead with sourcing, and implementing strategies to consolidate BTTR’s supply chain, when necessary.
  • Working closely with key partners to ensure that they stay ahead of production leading up to a product launch.
  • Validating new partners' capabilities and processes for incorporation into the BTTR supply chain.
  • Building the BTTR brand and helping the company grow in its ability to lead and inspire its mission to Undo Food.
  • Conceptualizing not just the product, but the ancillary product ecosystem and brand opportunities.  
  • You will work report directly to the Product Development Lead, and work closely with the co-founders.

Necessary Qualifications

  • You are energetic and self-motivated a critical thinker with fantastic organizational skills.

  • You are a great external communicator, and your excitement about undoing food is contagious.

  • You are a great internal communicator, and can effectively articulate your ideas and inform others.

  • You have a do it yourself attitude, and have built things from scratch in the past.

  • You enjoy the design process as it applies to industrial design and a supply chain.

  • You are eager to learn or have background in the CPG retail industry.

  • You don't fold under pressure, but instead, thrive on setting high expectations for yourself, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, and meeting goals.

  • Most importantly, you are passionate about what we're doing at Back to the Roots!

  • Bachelor's degree required. Ideally, 2-3 years of relevant work experience.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter outlining why you would be a good fit here.