Request Gardening Kits for Your Students


To our Back to the Roots community - hope you and your loved ones are all healthy & well during these uniquely uncertain COVID-19 times. As schools close due to the global pandemic and we all bunker down in the coming weeks to "flatten the curve", we know many of you are working tirelessly to take care of our kids and keep them learning and happy during these trying times. We've also heard from so many of you already how much our organic gardening kits + STEM curriculum make easy, fun, and safe learning projects to do with kids at home — and we want to help get them in the hands of our out-of-school superhero educators in the coming weeks.

Are you working at a daycare or supporting multiple neighborhood kids at home due to the closures? Need help with what to do with the kids? We want to help!

Please share a bit about you and your story in this quick form and we'll be selecting hundreds of our most capacity-constrained and in-need educators to receive FREE bundles of our organic gardening kits to grow with your at-home students!

Not a teacher or parent? We all know someone who could use a helping hand during the coming weeks, so please share this far and wide so we can get these kits in the hands of teachers/parents who need our kits the most!