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Sustainable Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Make a Positive Shift in Dad’s Life with These Sustainable Gift Ideas 

Your dad already has all the latest gadgets - or he doesn’t care about them. So why not get him something that will have a healthy impact in his life? Back to the Roots has a wide supply of sustainable gift ideas, including a wide range of ready to grow products.

There’s something so exciting about watching plants grow before your eyes – especially when it’s something healthy you can harvest and eat. And these sustainable gift ideas make growing so easy you won’t have to worry about whether dad has a green thumb.

Our Growing Gift Set

This is a meaningful gift bundle that’s sure to lift dad’s spirits and enhance his day-to-day life. Our growing gift set contains several of our most popular read-to-grow items. If you’re searching for sustainable gift ideas for your dad, search no further! This bundle will brighten your dad’s life and provide him with a continued healthy pastime – that won’t actually take too much time out of his life. Best yet, all of these products can be grown indoors, in small spaces.

Our Growing Gift Set includes 3 of our top-selling ready to grow items:

  • (1) Mushroom Farm
    • grows organic oyster mushrooms in just 10 days!
    • includes spray mister and heirloom tomato seeds to grow after you harvest your mushrooms, using your old kit as a soil amendment!
    • All you have to do is mist your kit with water each day
  • (1) Garden in a Can Set (4-pack)
    • grow organic herbs from your windowsill - just sprinkle the seeds, water, and grow!
    • includes (1) organic basil (1) organic cilantro (1) organic sage (1) organic dill
    • soil includes special biochar technology to avoid overwatering issues, messy drainage holes, and transplanting
  • (1) Water Garden
    • self-cleaning fish tank that grows food – the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water!
    • includes:
      • fish tank and gravel
      • organic seeds and grow stones
      • natural fertilizer 
      • coupon for a Betta fish
      • fish food
      • silent, submersible water pump

For $99.99, our growing gift set is one of the best deals you can find in truly sustainable gift ideas. Plus, when you order the Growing Gift Set today, you get free shipping on your order!

Small-Scale Sustainable Gift Ideas

For more small-scale sustainable gift ideas, you could order any one of the ready-to-grow items in our 3-pack gift package.

  1. Mushroom Farm
  2. Garden in a Can Set
  3. Water Garden

All these sustainable gift ideas result in fresh, delicious organic food that will enhance your dad’s diet and inspire him to keep up the healthy eating trend. What could enhance your dad’s day-to-day life more than that?

Back to the Roots has plenty of sustainable gift ideas for your dad or any other loved one, on any special day of the year. Check out our ready-to-grow gift ideas and other products today.