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Wholesome Breakfast Cereal

Enjoy Back to Roots’ Wholesome Breakfast Cereal

If you’re considering adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, you recognize that eating healthy is as important as ever. You have a lot of options, from wholesome breakfast cereal to hearty dinners. You aren’t restricting your life at all—you’ll find that it’s being expanded in new and exciting ways. With a resource like Back to the Roots available to you, you have a number of fun ready to grow and ready to eat products.

Eating Wholesome Breakfast Cereal is Good for You and the Environment

Back to the Roots’ ready to eat whole breakfast cereal products are healthy alternatives from the additive engorged other products on the market. Options for whole breakfast cereal include Biodynamic Cinnamon Clusters, Purple Corn Flakes, Cocoa Clusters and CA Whole Wheat. These products are ideal for the vegetarian and meat eater alike who wake up and want an easy, fast option such as wholesome breakfast cereal rather than needing to make a whole meal from scratch.

If you’re considering becoming vegetarian, know that there are so many great reasons to make the change. Meat may contain protein, but also has a tremendous amount of saturated fat. This kind of fat is the cause of heart disease, hypertension diabetes, cancer and numerous other diseases.

Also, meat contains hormones and antibiotics—20,000 different drugs. These creatures are getting injections and implants and undergo genetic engineering. When one eats these animals, they are consuming potentially dangerous additives that can tamper with hormones, cause cancer, and cause early puberty in children. In some cases, these additives force the animal to produce more product or gain weight, and in other instances they protect animals from the unsanitary living conditions they are raised in. With 80% of antibiotics in the US being used for livestock, antibiotic resistant super bugs are being created by this industry. There are drugs such as ractopamine fed to pigs, turkeys and cattle that are not approved for human consumption or use, but you’re still consuming it. Instead of eating meat products such as bacon for breakfast, you can chose a meal such as wholesome breakfast cereal as a healthy alternative.

Other than personal health, there are global repercussions for consuming meat. “2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce one pound of beef and 660 gallons to make a pound of chicken.” With more than one billion people on the planet suffering from hunger, social responsibility is on the more privileged of us to do the right thing. Eating foods such as wholesome breakfast cereal and other meat free meals decrease suffering and enable others to have a chance at a normal life.

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