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CA Whole Wheat, 2-pack
CA Whole Wheat, 2-pack
CA Whole Wheat, 2-pack
$ 9.99

CA Whole Wheat, 2-pack

  • The first US grown, 100% stoneground breakfast cereal made with only 3 ingredients:

    • 100% organic stoneground whole wheat from California
    • Organic cane sugar from Florida
    • Sea salt from the San Francisco Bay

  • Why Stoneground?

    In California's San Joaquin Valley, we plant and harvest organic, hard red winter wheat. That wheat is then 100% stoneground on an old stonemill in San Francisco. This ancient milling process preserves all the flavor, protein and fiber, leaving Mother Nature's recipe untouched—nothing is added, nothing is removed. One pound of whole wheat kernels goes into the mill, and one pound of flour comes out.

    We then add a pinch of sea salt and organic cane sugar and cook the 3 ingredients for a couple minutes. Next we flake the cereal into its fun shape, and then toast it for 7 minutes. That's it!

  • No bag inside

    Organic Stoneground Flakes is the first no "bag-in-box" cereal that is easier to open, pour, and seal with:

    • 18% less paper & 25% less plastic
    • Non-toxic vegetable inks
    • 90% fill rate
    • Recyclable materials 
  • Nutrition Facts

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