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Cocoa Clusters, 2-pack - Back to the Roots
Cocoa Clusters, 2-pack - Back to the Roots

Cocoa Clusters, 2-pack

$ 9.99

Bean to bowl: created with just 4 ingredients

New Stoneground Flakes Cocoa Clusters bring the cocoa bean straight to your bowl with just 4 delicious ingredients:

  • 100% organic stoneground whole wheat from California
  • Pure, non-alkalized cocoa from the Dominican Republic
  • Organic cane sugar from Florida
  • Sea salt from the San Francisco Bay

  • Bean to Bowl

    Our organic cocoa pods are grown and harvested by farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic. The beans are then fermented and dried to bring out the unique chocolate flavor.

    After being roasted and ground into cocoa powder, we add the cocoa to our 100% stoneground flakes. We then toast the cocoa flakes for 7 minutes to get the perfect crunch. That's it!

  • No bag inside

    Organic Stoneground Flakes cereals are the first no "bag-in-box" cereals that are easier to open, pour, and seal with:

    • 25% less plastic & 18% less paper
    • Non-toxic vegetable inks
    • 90% fill rate
    • Recyclable materials 
  • Nutrition Facts