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The Mason Jar Gift Set – Windowsill Herb & Veggie Garden
The Mason Jar Gift Set – Windowsill Herb & Veggie Garden
The Mason Jar Gift Set – Windowsill Herb & Veggie Garden
The Mason Jar Gift Set – Windowsill Herb & Veggie Garden

The Mason Jar Gift Set – Windowsill Herb & Veggie Garden

$ 89.99

Growing herbs just got a lot more chic with this gift set.

  • Indoor gardening just got a whole lot more chic. Meet The Mason Jar Set — your one-stop-shop for a windowsill full of fresh, organic herbs and tomatoes. Perfect for the modern mom, foodie & chef! Includes:

        (1) Organic Self-Watering Planter

        (3) Organic Garden-in-a-Jars


        Homegrown Recipe Book

        Kitchen Art – Decorative Prints 4-pack

  • Self-Watering Planter

    A carefully crafted windowsill planter that helps you easily grow your own organic cherry tomatoes at home — just add water once a week! The planter includes:

    1. 64 oz. glass mason jar filled with organic moisture-balancing biochar and organic nurtrient-rich soil—both tested for efficient plant growth
    2. Miniature clay olla pot designed to maximize self-watering capacity while still giving your plant enough room to grow and thrive
    3. (2) organic fertilizer spikes – easy to apply and nutrient rich, they give your plant the perfect boost to grow the juiciest tomatoes
    4. Organic cherry tomato seeds
  • Garden-in-a-Jar

    Ready to grow jars make it fun and easy to harvest organic herbs right from your windowsill—just plant, water & watch your roots as they grow!


    1. (1) basil (1) cilantro and (1) mint jar
    2. organic seeds
    3. nutrient rich soil
    4. biochar technology that helps your herbs grow for months with:
    5. No messy drainage holes
    6. easily removable label
    7. No chemicals
    8. No transplanting
  • Decorative Prints (4-pack)

    Complete your indoor garden with a set of decorative art prints to keep your roots top of mind:

    1. Local Starts at Home
    2. Plant the Seed
    3. Grow Together
    4. Seed to Smile

  • Recipe Book

    You have a full harvest of fresh herbs and tomatoes – now what? Get hands-on in the kitchen with our simple, delicious recipes all carefully created to help you get the most out of your homegrown harvest!

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