Pea Shoot Seeds - 2 months supply – Back to the Roots
Pea Shoot Seeds - 2 months supply
Pea Shoot Seeds - 2 months supply
Pea Shoot Seeds - 2 months supply

Pea Shoot Seeds - 2 months supply

$ 12.99

Try something new in your Water Garden with this 2-month supply of these sweet Organic Pea Shoots!

Check out these Certified Organic Pea Shoots that will thrive in your Water Garden. This tender Pea Shoot variety tastes like a milder sweet pea and cooks up into a mean stir fry. Pea Shoots are nutritious because they're rich in Folate and Vitamins A and C.

    These seeds pair perfectly with the Water Garden!

    What it includes:

    • 6 packets of organic Pea Shoot seeds (16g each)

    What does it grow?

    A 2-month supply of:

    • Organic Pea Shoots

    Key Features:

    Strong Root Growth
    These Certified Organic Sunflower Microgreens seeds were tested and chosen by our team to extend the length of your harvest. The longer grow period means you’ll plant less frequently, so they’re even easier to take care of.

    Our Pea Shoots variety is mildly sweet - quite similar to the taste of a regular pea, but lighter and fresher. It makes an excellent addition to salads and stir fries!

    Pea Shoots are really good for you! They are chock full of Vitamin C, and Vitamin A and are a good source of Folate.

    Grows Year-Round
    Your Water Garden will keep these Pea Shoots growing fresh in any season.

    Learn more about growing these seeds in your Water Garden in our latest video!

    Claims: Organic | Non-GMO