Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply – Back to the Roots
Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply
Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply
Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply
Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply
Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply

Spicy Salad Seed Bundle - 2 months supply

$ 12.99

This 2-month supply of Pea Shoots, Sunflower and spicy Radish Microgreens for your Water Garden!

Let the good times roll with your Water Garden and try a new variety of organic seeds! This blend of Sunflower microgreens, Pea shoots, and Radish microgreens grows the perfect leafy mix for a delicious spicy salad. These seeds were hand-tested and verified by our team to grow longer so you can harvest and clean the growbed less often. Plus, this blend is chock full of nutrients like protein, Folate and Vitamins A through E.

    This seed blend pairs perfectly with the Water Garden!

    What it includes:

    • 2 packets of organic Pea Shoot seeds (16g each)
    • 2 packets of organic Sunflower microgreens seeds (10g each)
    • 1 packet of organic Radish microgreens seeds (24g)

    What does it grow?

    A 2-month supply of:

    • Organic Pea Shoots

    • Organic Sunflower Microgreens

    • Organic Radish Microgreens

    Key Features:

    Strong Root Growth
    The Spicy Salad bundle has Certified Organic seeds tested and chosen by our team to extend the length of your harvest. The longer grow period means you’ll plant less frequently, so they’re even easier to take care of.

    Fewer Water Changes
    Since these organic seeds grow longer, their roots are exceptionally strong and vibrant, which allows them to absorb more nutrients, keeping your fish’s home healthy. That means less frequent cleaning -- sign us up.

    More Food
    Robust roots aren’t only good for your fish. More nutrient uptake = more green growth = more food for you. Double whammy!

    Our Pea Shoot variety is mildly sweet - quite similar to the taste of a regular pea, but lighter and fresher. And our Sunflower microgreens have a nutty flavor and big crunch. When paired with our bright and spicy Radish seeds, you’ll have a zesty, peppery blend for salads, sandwiches, and mixing into stir fries!

    Grows Year-Round
    Your Water Garden will keep these live sprouts and microgreens growing fresh in any season.

    Learn more about growing these seeds in your Water Garden in our latest video!

    Claims: Organic | Non-GMO

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