Gardening Aquaponics

Gardening Aquaponics Provides Food Through A Closed Loop System

With a passion for providing whole, natural food, Back to the Roots has numerous ready to grow and ready to eat food for you and your family. Through gardening aquaponics, not only can you grow your own herbs, you can feed a Beta fish, all in a closed loop system. Back to the Roots’ Water Garden is a fun and easy way to grow herbs and have your own pet, all in a self-sustaining environment.

Aquaponics combines hydroponics, or cultivating plants in water, with aquaculture, or raising aquatic animals in tanks. Through this system, waste and excretions from the animals accumulate in the water, becoming toxic for the creature. The bacteria in the water break the waste into nitrates that the plants convert into food. Through this gardening aquaponics process, the plants are also cleaning the water for the animals within, which is recirculated back into the system.

There Are Numerous Advantages of Gardening Aquaponics

The advantages of gardening aquaponics over traditional methods are numerous. Despite appearances, gardening aquaponics uses 90% less water than traditional farming. Droughts affect much of the country, and with clean water being our planet’s most precious resource, efficient water usage is of utmost importance. Plants can be grown year round, in any season, in any weather. No soil is necessary, so no digging, composting, or land is required for gardening aquaponics, reducing land use. You don’t need expensive gardening tools, you don’t have to get your hands and clothes covered in dirt, no weeding is required, and you don’t have to water the garden manually, of course. With traditional gardening, plants die and the soil needs to be re-tilled, re-fertilized and replanted, but with gardening aquaponics, this is a non-issue. No chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs are used with gardening aquaponics. Pesticides would kill the creature in the water and are horrible for the health of the greater environment, not to mention are toxic for human consumption. Through traditional farming, all of the waste from fertilization would run off into the watershed, but not through gardening aquaponics. Since gardening aquaponics is orchestrated inside, there’s a reduction of pest damage. Through gardening aquaponics, plants yield anywhere from 5 to 20 times more food, and do so in less time. Operating and overhead costs are lower than traditional gardening and are easier to maintain. Usually, the gardening aquaponics system construction is pretty easy, and once the system is setup, you almost have to do nothing.

With a gardening aquaponics product like Back to the Roots’ Water Garden, you and your family can see how a symbiotic relationship works, live and in-person. Through this process you can gain an appreciation for our planet’s organic systems and the importance of each component. Also, through gardening aquaponics and growing your own food, you gain a sense of accomplishment, heightening your love for your surroundings and nature. 

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