Back to the Roots History: Mushroom Farm Kits Born in Our Frat
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Our Story

In a college class, we learned that mushrooms could grow entirely on spent coffee grounds... And after watching hours of how-to videos and turning our fraternity kitchen into a big science experiment, we eventually decided to give up our corporate job offers to instead become full-time urban mushroom farmers in Oakland, CA.

What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion to reconnect families back to food through our indoor gardening kits & simple ingredient organic cereals. We want to inspire a new generation to ask where their food comes from & that food should come from the kitchen, not a lab. And for us, that starts not just in the kitchen, but in the classroom & cafeteria.
Each one of our indoor gardening kits is part of the #GrowOneGiveOne campaign – post a photo of your what you grew, and we’ll donate a gardening kit + curriculum to an elementary school classroom of your choice! Our cereals are also now helping feed millions of kids after becoming the first-ever organic cereal to be offered in US public schools.

We hope you join us as we work to connect back to where our food comes from!



Much love,
Alejandro, Nikhil, & the Back to the Roots family