Water Garden Hydroponic Plant Care

Hi Grower!

If you’ve decided to use your Water Garden hydroponically (without a fish), then your new garden will need fertilizer to keep growing strong. There are many different fertilizers that may be appropriate to use with your Water Garden, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Use a soluble liquid fertilizer: Because your plants will be picking up nutrients directly from the water in your reservoir, it’s best to use a soluble liquid fertilizer as opposed to a granular fertilizer meant to be added to soil. This also keeps your water pump from getting clogged with plant food residue.
  • Find one meant for your specific plants: different plants need different food! Find a fertilizer that is called out as specifically for the types of plants in your Water Garden.
  • Make it “complete”: Beyond the important nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium included in succulent fertilizers, it will be important to use one that includes a few “micronutrients” like calcium, iron, and/or magnesium.
  • A couple of high quality fertilizers we’ve tested and love: