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Organic Cherry Tomato Self-Watering Planter

$ 29.99

Grow cherry tomatoes indoors by watering just once a week!

The Back to the Roots Tomato Self-Watering Planter is the easiest way to grow your organic tomatoes indoors and at home. The planter uses ancient watering technology in the form of an olla pot that you can fill just once a week and watch it grow!

Plus, the biochar technology in the soil lets you grow right out of the planter, on your windowsill or tabletop, with no draining needed. No chemicals, no transplanting, and no messy drainage holes.

Everything included:

  • Large glass mason jar (64 oz.)
  • Organic plant-based soil
  • Biochar (prevents over & under watering)
  • Miniature clay olla pot
  • 2 organic fertilizer spikes
  • Organic cherry tomato seeds

What does it grow?

  • Tomatoes

Key Features:

You never have to worry again about how much or how often to water. Just top the olla off with water once a week and let it grow!

Olla Technology
This porous pot is an adaptation of an ancient technique used by desert farmers for thousands of years which sits inside the planter slowly releases water as the soil dries up for even and consistent watering.

No-Drainage Required
The biochar technology paired with our organic plant-based soil lets you grow right out of the can on your windowsill or kitchen – mess-free.

Learn more about the Self-Watering Planters on our FAQs page!

Claims: Organic | Non-GMO | Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A

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