Biodynamic Cinnamon Recipe

Biodynamic Cinnamon: Organic, Non-GMO, and More

Our red spring wheat is grown on farmer Fred Kirschenmann's Biodynamic farm in Windsor, North Dakota. Fred creates a balanced farm ecosystem through rotational crops and on-site composting, nourishing his land with only local inputs. Local inputs create a local flavor, making the taste of this Biodynamic wheat unique to the land it was grown on!

The Biodynamic wheat is then stoneground on an old stonemill in San Francisco. That stoneground flour is then mixed with a pinch of sea salt, a pinch of cinnamon, and organic cane sugar. We cook the 3 ingredients for a couple minutes, flake the cereal into its fun shape, and then toast for 7 minutes. That's it! 

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*Recipe Disclaimer: Straight out of the oven, the flakes come out a little soft, but they crisp up after cooling. 

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