Betta Fish

A Betta Fish Is A Great Pet For The Whole Family

You love pets as much as the next person and are searching for a way to incorporate a new animal companion into your home. But first, you must verify that you, your family and your should you start? Start with a betta fish! Betta fish are a low maintenance pet that serve as not only a great starter pet, but are also a beautiful addition to your home. With Back to the Roots’ Water Garden you have a closed-loop system in which the waste from the betta fish feeds plants and herbs on the tank, which in turn clean the betta fish tank.

Betta fish are a low maintenance pet. Betta fish should only be fed once a day—anything more constitutes overfeeding and can hurt your little buddy. They must be given food that is specifically designed just for betta fish. You may even want to give your betta fish a skinned, chopped pea once a week to help with digestion. Male betta fish cannot have roommates! They are extremely aggressive—male betta fish will fight to the death. Some female betta fish can be housed with other fish, but one must be vigilant and careful to choose tank companions. It’s that simple!

Betta Fish Less Maintenance Than Most Other Pets 

When caring for larger pets such as dogs, they are absolutely not low maintenance. Consider saving a life and adopting a dog from a shelter. Puppy mills and breeders are purveyors of animal cruelty and are the main perpetrators of animal overpopulation, resulting in millions of animal being euthanized per year. When you adopt a puppy, they must be fed a number of meals per day, dependent on their age. Adult dogs can have multiple small meals per day. The food that your dog eats is supremely important, much like a human’s diet. They are generally not supposed to eat human food, although there are some human foods that are appropriate to mix with dog food in very small amounts constituting only 10% of their diet. Instead of simply leaving food out throughout the day, you must feed your dog at the same time(s) every day. This creates a healthy routine for your pet. Also, through feeding your dog at the same time, you can monitor their habits and immediately observe if they refuse food, a sign of sickness. This brings to your attention the fact that in order to feed your dog at the same time every day, you must live a lifestyle that allows this. You must ensure that your life can accommodate this kind of long-term commitment.

Don’t forget that a dog needs regular exercise—a walk per day. Also, there are incidental costs for your companion, such as vet visits and boarding costs. While all of this may not be cheap, the love you receive is well worth it.

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