Use for in-ground planting of herbs, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

This Garden Soil is specifically designed to be used outdoors. For indoor use, try Back to the Roots Indoor Potting Mix or All-Purpose Potting Mix.

Peatlands are some of the world’s largest naturally occurring carbon sinks and are crucial in our fight against climate change! Read more about Peat here. That’s why we’ve launched the first nationally available PEAT-FREE mix.


Good plant growth is a mix of the right watering, the right light, and the right nutrients. This Soil gives you a great start, but you should always plan on adding more organic fertilizer about one month after transplanting, or after your seeds grow their second set of leaves.

Our Back to the Roots
All-Purpose and Edibles Plant Food is 100% organic, contains root-boosting mycorrhizae to promote strong root growth, and is made without any synthetic chemicals or animal waste from big factory farms.